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The Country of Brevoy finds itself on the brink of civil war.The Royal Family whom ruled the dragonscale throne ( House Rogarvia) has all but vanished, seemingly overnight. Comprised of 2 regions; the larger and more powerful Issia to the north, and the smaller region of Rostland to the South. In the sudden disappearance of the royal family, A noble family from Issia has stepped forward, and one Noleski Surtova has claimed kingship. Lacking the natural defenses and size of it’s northern neighbor and facing raids from barbarians and bandits from the southern region, known as the stolen lands, the swordlords of Rostland have come up with an ingenius plan. Seeking to tame the lands to the south without diminishing its defenses in the north, the swordlords of Rostland, have handed out 4 different charters to varying groups
granting holders of said charters the legal right to explore different areas of the stolen lands in hopes of gaining allies and securing their southern borders in the case of coming civil war. Village charter in hand, you find yourselves at Olegs’ outpost, on the northern border of the stolen Lands. An area known as the Greenbelt is all yours to explore. If you can survive the dangers that is…


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Main Page

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