One of the last remaining Summoner of his village, that he knows of


Logain was a respectable member of a quiet isolated village of summoners and druids, located in the depths of the Gonzi Forest, known simply as the Green Path. He was the son of the village elder and a protege in his own right.

Logain’s son, Mazrim, also gifted in the arcane arts, was quietly studying at night to ready himself to summon his eidolon, which would be his life long companion. Whether from intent or accident, Mazrim instead summoned a devil, and in the dead of the night, the village was engulfed in hellfire. Logain witnessed his son for a brief moment standing with an unknown being, just before a whirl of red leaping flame engulfed them both and they vanished.

Logain stood alone in the smoldering ashes of what was once his home, unable to find other survivors, he set out, with questions that needed answering. Did his son die in the fire as well, or did he make it out? And who was that with him?

To find answers, Logain set off after his Village’s only other surviving member that he knew of. A druid known as Nugrah. Whom was exiled from the village many years ago.

Nugrah’s wife had died during childbirth. In his woes, he had invoked dark magics and attempted pacts with even darker spirits, even going so far as to sacrifice the life of another of the villagers, a young and innocent lady, in an attempt to save his wife. When it was discovered what he had done, he was branded a heretic, and exiled. Only being spared so that he could look after his newborn child.

Logain didn’t believe it to just be a coincidence. Though a contemptible man whom Logain would not willingly associate with, he had scarce options left, and was eager to follow on any lead. Rumor had it that Nugrah had turned to blaming and even beating his child over the death of his wife. Rumor also it that he had traveled south after his exile, into the Greenbelt, an area devoid of any notions of law, where he could continue with his misanthropic ways.

And so Logain set out, to find Nugrah, and hopefully, answers…


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