Zhou Ryn (a.k.a General/Detective Ryn)

Human, Samurai


Pitch black hair, Sapphire blue eyes, really ornate eastern crimson armor, wields a 8ft flaming 2h no dachi.

Traits- Will never leave allies behind in his close circle, will fight to the end if needed. Will do anything for his order and will do what he thinks is best for his order. Loves war and the fame and glory that comes with it.


Zhou Ryn grew up in an area of city states that were constantly at war. He is heir to the Order of The Flame, an order that seeks glory, fame, and renown through battle. Their biggest enemy was The Black Daiymyo. In a small skirmish Ryn won he saved some prisoners one being Ainz Akame who took a fancy to him and eventually became his LT.They won many battles together untill The Black Daiymyo made allies with other city states to attack The Order of The Flame, killing off most of its people. Zhou Ryn, Ainz Akame, and Zhou ryns 2 retainers Zhen Ji, and Diao Chan took what little was left of the order and move to Brevoy. Their goal is to reform The Order of The Flame and bring glory to its name once more.

Zhou Ryn (a.k.a General/Detective Ryn)

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