Konall The Fearsome

Big game hunter, though, not especially suave.


A rough and ragged looking half orc if ever there was one. His hair is a long black matted mess, with a bit of a beard to match. Usually wears leather and hide armors made from the many beasts he has hunted over the years.


Not a native to Brevoy. He has lived in the Stolen Lands for roughly the last 7 years. Drawn to it because of its natural untamed wild lands, devoid of human life and distance to any cities. The politics of common man interest him little, as he never really fits in to begin with. A trait he shares With Oleg Leveton, one of his only friends and the best customer of his wares (Pelts and furs). But now as attempts at civilization are finding their way even into the stolen lands, must consider a new path in life. Perhaps that as an adventurer might be in the cards for Konall.

Konall The Fearsome

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