Eein Losstarot

A young Knight

Eein has always had a large frame regardless of his age, standing over his peers. He has long, blonde curly hair and grey eyes, his obvious features alone give away that he is highborn, and his brash & arrogant demeanor proves it.

Armored to the teeth and beyond with custom full plate armor as black as night and trimmed with gold, a red cloak bearing his family crest draped over his left shoulder hangs to the knees.

His intimidating size is matched by his equally intimidating personal weapon. A massive great sword standing almost as tall as him, at six feet long. Honey Black


Eein was born and raised of the lesser known house Losstarot of Brevoy, in the wintery reaches around Stoneclimb. It was a noble family of that held little sway in the political scene of Brevoy, the families patriarch, an up-jumped mercenary, only attaining knighthood through valor in battle, and only two decades prior. Being of a modest noble family, he was sent at an early age to receive training in the ways of knighthood along with much of the regions other noble born youth, within the fortress halls of Stoneclimb. He was raised along side Aegin de Payens, a bastard born to the prominent family of House Medvyed. Together, as mutual outcasts, they became fast friends.

Spending much of their youth together, Aegin & Eein often trained and worked together. Making quite a duo; Aegin, intellectual and charming & Eein, the protector. Their incredible efficiency together and adventurous nature has gotten them into, and through many situations leaving them with numerous fond memories. What started in there friendship as besting the other noble youths in sparring rings at Stonclimb, would eventually carry on through Massive battles, exploding cities, drunken antics, and furniture-moving whores.

When the brothers reached knighthood, they were given tasks befitting their respective royal station, and ultimately separated. That was until fate intervened in the form of a Charter to explore the Greenbelt. Determined to raise his station in life and earn glory for his modest noble family, he set out south. Enlisting in a mercenary company at Restov, and ultimately setting up base at Oleg’s Trading Post, where upon he and Aegin were reunited as they began their exploration of the territory around the trading Post…..

Eein Losstarot

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