Charismatic bard with douche bag friends


A short human female, Aevys has brown hair and blue eyes. She is dressed sensibly for her adventures in the wilderness. Even though she is a bard she prefers not to carry an instrument and relies on her vagina alone.


Aevys grew up along the southern frontier of Brevoy, west of Restov. Her family did their best to grow enough food to survive from the thin, poor soils of the land, but often there was not enough coin or food to go around. She knew from a young age that this life wasn’t for her, because let’s face it… Farming sucks. Several years ago she, and her trusty black horse Fritz (friendly yet excitable), set off towards Restov for bigger and better things. Since then she has spent time traveling from city to city, literally singing for her supper. Recently she has had a change of fortunes, and received a charter to settle the Stolen Lands. The chance to finally have a bit of land to call her own after many years of wandering is enough to draw Aevys south again… Although the advances of a disgusting half orc called Konall The Fearsome may be enough to send her back north…


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