Aevys Clayport

Charismatic bard with a mind for business


A short human female, Aevys has brown hair and blue eyes. She is dressed sensibly for her adventures in the wilderness. Even though she is a bard she prefers not to carry an instrument and relies on her voice alone.


Raised in a family of Restovian merchants, Aevys has a sharp eye for business. As the only child born to middle aged parents, she’s been groomed to take over the family business. Since childhood she has accompanied her father, Bennett, on trade missions to nearby cities and outposts, and helped her mother balance the books at home. Being a quick learner, this lifetime of experience, along with a gift for diplomacy, have made her an exceptional up-and-coming merchant in her own right.

The recently released charter to settle the Stolen Lands provides a great opportunity for the Clayport family. Unfortunately, old age and years of travel have begun to take their toll on Bennett. The responsibility falls to Aevys to travel South with her friendly yet excitable steed, Fritz, and form new trade relationships and establish routes in this tough land. Already she is putting her skills to use forging alliances with the Sootscale Kobolds and working together to establish a mining operation.

Aevys Clayport

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