Aegin dePayens

A young and ambitious knight.


Of average height and build, he is fit and usually well kept, save for a beard fuller than most his age. Due to his constant activities though, he is not quite up to the standards of most nobles. He wears fine silks over his quality armor, and carries well made gear. Beneath his finery he wears a simple silver chain with a modest silver emblem depicting a lance piercing a crown. At his side is a ceremonial starknife, a round blade with four points.

chain.jpgHe is almost always on his horse, not on foot like a commoner. His current and first steed is a painted draft horse known as Marengo. Bred from the best stock in Brevoy crossed with a mustang, he was personally raised from a foal. It wears barding consisting of a masterwork chain shirt with modest banners depicting House Medvyed. Fiercly loyal, the horse is combat trained and performs admirably.


Young and brash, often he forgets to take the opportunity to think before acting even when afforded the luxury. He is known to smile often and is slow to anger. Not much of a “follower” but inspired by Desna he prefers to spend his time exploring history in tomes as much as exploring the world. Wherever he travels he professes he virtues of shirking the mechanical slavery of serfdom for the hard earned satisfaction of freedom.

He enjoys the outdoors, from hunting in the Gronzi Forest to swimming in Lake Reykal. Mature enough to understand his lucky draw in life but still lacking the full wisdom of age, he takes full advantage of being a member of House Medvyed from the luxuries afforded him to the powers that might be vested in a young knight.

Aegin was recently entrusted with laying claim to a plot of land in the River Kingdoms, and sent south with a charter. After arriving at Olegs Trading Post he fended off some bandits, sparing the leader and sending him back with a message: reinforcements are here. That night, he was met in secret by Kesten Garess. Aegin was then sworn in secret as a Knight in the Order of the Land. The necklace he wears directly against his skin reminds him of his vows. Liberating the oppressed was an easy choice for one inspired by Desna.

charge_indoor.jpgAs a burgeoning Cavalier, he prefers to charge into combat with his shield & lance, remaining on horseback when enemies close and switching to his longsword. He has little fear in combat, putting himself in front to protect his allies and expecting their support in return. He is more than proficient, if you ask him he’ll tell you of having slain such creatures as dragons, vampires, and even 3 trolls in one fight. He tends to take the lead in combat and out, rallying and rousing people wherever he can be found.

Aegin dePayens

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