Arentide Delyll



Hailing from Rostland, in the southern reaches of Brevoy, Arentide’s parents were simple farmers, trying to make a living off of the fertile and nearly endless rolling green plains of the area. Though life in Southern Brevoy was not without its perils. Not far to the south, an area of long contended, though ultimately unclaimed land, known as the Stolen Lands, became a haven for all manner of brigands, bandits, and wildlife. Though tales had reached young Arentide’s ears of hunters and caravans running afoul of these troubles, it all seemed so distant to him.

But things would change as Arentide got older. To the point where the dangers were no longer so distant. In recent years, the bandits had grown bolder, and it wasn’t long before Arentide’s parents would come to be constantly pestered by them.

After months of abuse Arentide’s father had had enough. He fought back and injured a bandit who had come to collect “taxes”. But this act of defiance would not be without reprisal. The very next night the bandits returned and drug Arentide’s father out of the house, and murdered him, as Arentide watched helplessly.

He decided there and then that he would set out to exact revenge, and in the following weeks, ran away. Heading to the town of Restov, searching for anyone that would train him how to fight. But the Swordlords of Restov had other matters to attend, and paid a lowly runaway street urchin no mind.

It would be through religion, that Arentide would get his wish. Destitute and begging in the streets of Restov, he happened upon one who would train him the skills he sought. A warrior cleric hailing from Icewind Dale, known as Eirondar. One whose patron deity would soon become his own. Tempos

Converting to the life of warrior priest came easy to Arendite, for he was determined in his quest to avenge his slain father, and decently strong from a rough life of farming. Under Eirondar’s stern tutelage, he trained in various forms of combat, and learned to beseech the power of Tempos. Helping to maintain a meager monastery on the outskirts of the city, and work as a sell-sword when the occasion called for it, in order to earn his keep.

Now, as he grows older, rumors have reached him of a bandit lord. One who has been organizing the bandits for years, and has overseen their incredible growth in strength and audacity. The Stag Lord they call him. Not believing it to be coincidence, Arentide sets out. Stopping only long enough to gather supplies and the blessing of his tutor.

He travels south, to Oleg’s Trading Post, with only revenge, and courage in battle in mind.

Arentide Delyll

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