Andorin Rand

Born of royalty, with the heart of a ranger and a thirst for adventure and ale.


A human ranger.


Born of Faerun, and one of two children, from a young age he learned to hunt. As he got older and more experienced, the rumor of big game in the Stolen Lands became too much to pass up. Now he Travels to Golarion to test his skills against all that the Stolen Lands has to offer.

It wasn’t long before Andorin got caught up in the fight against the Stag Lord. When he wasn’t passed out drunk, he was deftly fighting bastard sword in hand.

His help, though absent for the actual slaying of the Stag Lord, had earned him a place as treasurer in the Kingdom of Almaigne, after Oleg abandoned the position.

Andorin Rand

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